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R/V Cape Hatteras

RV Cape HatterasIn the spring of 2013, the college purchased the R/V Cape Hatteras from the National Science Foundation. The 135′ ship has a 30 year pedigree of providing a platform for ocean research science. CFCC Marine technology students spend a total of 32 days training aboard this oceangoing research vessel. Students will utilize the practical knowledge learned in the program to stand both scientific and navigation watches during their time at sea.

A key component of the Marine Technology program is the seagoing experience aboard the R/V Cape Hatteras. Future employers understand the value of the lessons that can not be replicated in a classroom that occur aboard the ship.

R/V Martech I

Mar Tech I
Marine Technology’s estuarine research vessel is a 53’ diesel-powered aluminum catamaran. The R/V Martech has enhanced our program in its duel role as a floating Marine Science classroom and as a platform for practical seamanship.

Whether surveying the Cape Fear River at Wilmington or collecting water samples along the Intracoastal Waterway near Wrightsville Beach, this versatile vessel makes for a unique learning experience.

Onboard classes expose students to biological collecting with otter trawl and plankton net, as well as physical science data collecting using Niskin bottles, side-scan sonar, echo-sounder, and meteorological instrumentation. At the same time, students are keenly aware of being shipboard: practicing navigation, marlinspike and helmsmanship skills.

M.V. Miller

MV Miller
The M.V. Miller is the pride and joy of our small boat fleet. The boat was built by the 2015-2016 Wooden Boat Building class here at CFCC. It was modeled after the traditional open workboats commonly found in the sounds and bays of the Carolinas.

She was planked with cypress and framed with sapele. The bottom and decks are marine plywood. There were no plans for the construction. The students measured other boats that were similar, but not ideal. After receiving advice from most of the Marine Technology faculty that would be using the boat, and many others who were not, the basic design was born. It was lofted in the shop, the frames transom and stem were all built from the lofting. The boat was completed and sea trialed by their graduation. The M.V. Miller is truly one of a kind.

The Miller is used by our Marine tech students during MSC 122 Boat Handling and Seamanship, and MSC 134 Fishing Gear Technology II.

R.P. Brandi

RP Brandi
The Brandi is a 24′ Carolina Skiff powered by a 150hp Evinrude E-tec. The Carolina Skiff is a commonly used boat throughout the region and various marine industries. Students spend time at the helm of the skiff during MSC 122 Boat Handling and Seamanship, and MSC 134 Fishing Gear Technology II.

The R.P. Brandi is also the boat used in our lessons on how to safely trailer a boat and mobilize a vessel for a biological survey.

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