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Shelby Lloyd

Sea Devil Shelby Lloyd is pursuing her associate in arts at CFCC. She is also a student ambassador . We asked Shelby to share about her time as a Sea Devil, her plans after graduation, her advice to future Sea Devils, and more!

Where are you originally from?

I have lived in several places across the country growing up, but I am originally from Georgia. Some of my favorite places I have called home are San Diego, CA and Birmingham, AL, and of course, Wilmington!

Why did you decide to enroll at CFCC? Why did it make sense for you?

Cape Fear seemed like the best fit for me! Studying here has opened my eyes to so many opportunities, and has provided me with a solid education at an affordable price.The beach is also a great perk!

Can you tell us about your experience at CFCC including your major, any achievements, participation in student activities, etc.?

I have truly been blessed to have so many opportunities here at CFCC. I am a part of the student ambassador team, I have conducted an interview with our school president, President Morton, and been a part of student activities! I am also studying for my associate in arts degree.

What are your plans after graduating from CFCC?

I plan to transfer to a four-year college to pursue business and entrepreneurship! I have always had a passion for baking and the creative arts. At some point in my future, I aspire to open my own bakery!

What made you want to pursue that career path/attend that four-year university?

I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship and business ownership. When Cape Fear presented itself to me, I couldn’t pass up the chance!

How has CFCC helped prepare you for your next step?

CFCC has instilled in me a level of confidence and responsibility that I didn’t have previous to now. It has also provided me with amazing teachers that have poured into my future as both a student and a future leader. I could not be more grateful for how much Cape Fear has prepared me to be a force in my field!

What advice would you give someone considering studying at CFCC?

I would tell them to take the chance! There is such a stigma surrounding community colleges, and I have never seen a community college break that stigma like CFCC. Cape Fear is affordable, it’s versatile, it’s passionate about its students, and at the same time it offers a quality education.

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