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About StoryForce

Stories tear down walls.
Stories build bridges.
Stories bring people together.
Stories matter.

StoryForce is a workshop designed by the Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) English Department to provide CFCC veterans and military family members a safe and respectful environment in which to explore their transition from military to academic/civilian life. The purpose of the group is to honor the experiences of the veterans and military family members on our campus by providing a space for them to share their stories. We commend our seventh group of StoryForce participants for their courage and their creativity.

StoryForce would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following individuals for their continued support and encouragement: Mr. Jim Morton, CFCC President; Ms. Melissa Singler, Executive Vice President; Mr. Jason Chaffin, Vice President Academic Affairs; Mr. Ray Charfauros, Coordinator Veterans’ Affairs; Ms. Rachel Cavenaugh, Financial Aid Director and Veterans Certifying Agent; Ms. Lynn Criswell, Dean of English and Social Science; Ms. Jill Lahnstein, English Department Chair; Mr. Ted Koch and Ms. Laura Moore, StoryForce Coordinators; Mr. Chris Libert, Student Activities and Community Relations; and Ms. Peggy Richards from Action Printing.

A special thank you to Lauren Wolf and the CFCC Foundation, as well as Chris Libert and the CFCC SGA for their financial assistance. Thank you to Erin Fabian, Specialist Digital Web Development, and Ms. Jessy Esterline, Printing Services Assistant, for their help with the StoryForce covers, posters and website. Thank you, also, Moe’s and El Cerro Grande for sponsoring the StoryForce Celebration Dinner.

We dedicate this collection of writings to all of the men and women who have served and are still serving in the United States military – those brave individuals who have sworn to protect and defend our nation – and to their families who support them at home and abroad.

With gratitude and humility, we remember the fallen and pledge our support to those who have returned

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