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Under Honorable Conditions…

Ryan C. Ayars, United States Navy As we lie to fake Dreams of black irises sing Angels dancing among death A rhythmic step, fear A vitreous passenger Casting mind shadows Trails of tiny web Floating in clouds Time and scribbled lines Forgotten familiar mirrors Of reflecting oppression Aggression, aggression

Joining The Navy: Interview Excerpt

Greg Arey, United States Navy The detailers wanted me to be a cryptology tech. They said, “You have to go take this Morse Code test.” So they took me to the basement under the building. And they said, “You go down here, and you take this test.” Well, they gave me the test, and I  Read More

Head Held High

Kristen Wilkerson, United States Marine Corps I joined the Marine Corps looking for a challenge. I wanted to open doors for a new career and longed to have a positive impact on the world around me. Looking back five years later, I realize I found all that I originally sought, but I’ve also found something  Read More

Speaking Up

Catherine Ulrich, United States Marine Corps It’s early February, I am in the third trimester of my pregnancy with my second child, and I am a lance corporal in the United States Marine Corps. I work in a small shop of three other Marines and a building that only has one other female; her name  Read More


Scott Simpson, United States Army Family Member The feeling of comfort and safety has an enormous impact on what home is to some people. Home is not just a place of safety, but for some it is the cultural background, the experiences of life, and a place to return to and return to that feeling.  Read More

Behind A Smile

Corey Pomeroy, United States Army, United States Marine Corps I’m not depressed. I can still smile at pretty things, And laugh when jokes are funny. I can still talk to people, And enjoy nice days.   But when I go inside, When I am alone, There is something broken. And I fall into a sadness  Read More

The Dependant

John Metzger, Air Force Family Member As a boy, I thought a lot about war. It was a romantic type of thinking that goes along with building model fighter jets and green army men facing tanks and artillery of plastic. But when my father, an Air Force Major, went away for over a year, he  Read More

Art by Kevin M. Leach

Kevin M. Leach was a Sergeant in the United States Army, 82nd Airborne. He was a Battlefield Communication Team Chief and served overseas for Operation Enduring Freedom 9 (OEF 9) and Operation Enduring Freedom 10 (OEF 10). Kevin is a Purple Heart Recipient. He says, “I saw more of Afghanistan than I cared to –  Read More

It’s the Simple Things

Harrison Foust, United States Marine Corps The time I was in Djibouti, Africa, it was just my fellow Marines and me. We were out in the desert and not a building or any type of light was within miles. We didn’t even have our tents at this time, and we were just sitting in the  Read More

That’s My Gun

Greg Givens, United States Marine Corps That’s my gun On permanent display my company, A co 2-504 PIR captured it 3rd platoon. My platoon it’s sitting in a museum forever and it’s there in a little corner with the story and a quote from my intelligence report I’m staggered still processing “frying bacon,” as my  Read More
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