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Carpets And Drapes

Amanda Flick, United States Army I took a deep breath as I entered the coffee shop. The line was short; Autumn, Nicole, and I slipped in behind a heavyset woman and a young man in a leather jacket, chatting while we waited. “Oh!” Autumn said suddenly. I turned my head to glance at whatever had  Read More

Keep On

Sam Craig, United States Navy Music has always been a therapeutic companion that has seen me through life’s highs and lows: A friend to celebrate achievements and express joyous exuberance, as well as a sympathetic ear through setbacks; and the true trials and tribulations that all of us face eventually. Although learning lessons the hard  Read More

The Other Side

Ray “Chief” Charfauros, United States Marine Corps I can feel the kiss of the sun touch my skin, my pores open up, and sweat starts to bead down from my cheeks. Am I dreaming? NO. Suddenly, I wake up with a pool of sweat around my head. It is 120 degrees out. I lay there  Read More

How Proudly We Serve

Robert Bennett, United States Army As a veteran, I never served any time in combat. At 18-years of age, I enlisted into the US Army in 1975, just after Vietnam.  I had a choice to either enlist in the Army or play football at the University of Nebraska, but as an American citizen, I felt  Read More

Bible Push’n Man, Untitled Poem

Bible Push’n Man Ryan Ayars, United States Navy And I said God damn, God damn, that bible push’n man. I smoked allota grass. And popped alotta pills. But ain’t never done nothing my spirit couldn’t kill. I walked among tombstones. With coppers on my eyes. But still used muddy waters to warsh away my lies.  Read More

Juno Rd.

Marilyn Alkire, United States Navy 2018 Wilmington, NC Hanging out in the garage with my husband, Jeff, while he waxed his truck, the song “The House That Built Me” came on the radio. Sung by Miranda Lambert, it is about her having gone back to her childhood home and introducing herself to the current owner  Read More

Success from Within

Jacob Aceret, United States Marine Corps It is a great honor for me to speak today as it is the 242nd birthday of our beloved Marine Corps. My first Marine Corps Birthday ball was right here in Wilmington at the Convention Center. It was one of the first times I was in Wilmington since being  Read More

A Debt of Gratitude

Rick Whaley United States Army


Tom (TJ) Navickis United States Air Force
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