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An Ongoing Battle

Liz was born and raised in Manchester, CT. She and Perry, an Army Veteran, have been married since 1996, and they have three amazing kids. Liz is currently going to school for Addiction and Recovery Services in hopes of helping others through her own life experiences. She is also the co-founder of Operation: Purpose, a  Read More

The Three Musketeers

This story is about the unlikely linking of three service members with completely different backgrounds and service histories who found rapport through similar values and beliefs instilled by their oath to serve their country. Listed below are three separate accounts and opinions from the individuals as they progressed through the Cape Fear Nursing Program. Peter  Read More

Times Can Get Difficult for Anyone

Transitioning from the military is a difficult process. I was ready to leave after serving for over four years, deploying to a combat zone, and engaging in combat. Only sometimes is it the way society makes it out to be. Losing people in your platoon or attached elements can often stick with you. Even though  Read More

Serving Those Who Served

Rachel is the Senior Director of Financial Aid and Veterans Services at CFCC. She has been with the college for 24 years after serving 21 years in the banking industry. She is married and has one nephew. Twenty-four years ago, I came to Cape Fear Community College after 21 years of banking. My position of  Read More

Letters to hal-abeojis

Steve’s family immigrated to the US when he was 18 years old. He joined the US Army as a Cavalry Scout and spent three years as a Paratrooper at Fort Bragg. Growing up in Korea, numerous movies, books, and especially stories told from his grandparents and other seniors about the Korean War inspired his appreciation  Read More

Artwork by Tiffany Fudge

Tiffany served 12 years in the Army as a 25V Combat Documentation Production Specialist, also known as a Combat Camera. Tiffany has worked with many different militaries all over the world, including her most memorable with the Japanese self-defense force during Operation Tomodachi after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. She feels her time in the  Read More

3 Shining Stars: Book 1

Jason is from Poughkeepsie, NY, and enlisted in the Navy in 1993. In the Navy, Jason traveled around the world for 24+ years as a Religious Program Specialist. He has deployed to the Persian Gulf, Eastern Africa, Japan, Australia, and Korea to name a few. He lives in Onslow County with his wife and four  Read More

USMC – Infantry

Brian had the honor and privilege of serving and fighting in the World’s Greatest Fighting Force, the Marines. Brian is enrolled in CFCC’s Health & Fitness Science program and plans to become a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. When Brian is not bent over a textbook studying, he is pushing his physical limits with his wife, Becca,  Read More

Fiction for the Masses

Jeremy joined the Army in 2009 and served as a 12B Combat Engineer. He was stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA, and then deployed to Iraq and did route clearance. Jeremy medically retired when he returned from Iraq, and he is now attending CFCC for an Associates of Fine Arts with plans to earn a philosophy  Read More

From My Purple Heart to Your Heart

Andreah’s MOS was a 92G (Food Specialist) in the US Army. She was assigned to the 101st Airborne and with female engagement while deployed in Kandahar, Afghanistan. She has attended CFCC on and off for years in the Culinary Arts program and recently as a transfer college student. Dreah will continue her education at Johnson  Read More
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