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USMC – Infantry

Brian had the honor and privilege of serving and fighting in the World’s Greatest Fighting Force, the Marines. Brian is enrolled in CFCC’s Health & Fitness Science program and plans to become a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. When Brian is not bent over a textbook studying, he is pushing his physical limits with his wife, Becca, or walking around in nature with his two dogs, Lenny and Lacey.
Semper Fidelis
“Never above you, never below you, ALWAYS beside you.”

It’s month 4 of 8 waking up at 0430 everyday. That’s ok, I have a job to do protecting my loved ones back home.

As I wake up, I empty sand out of my boots and put on my uniform still drenched in sweat from last night’s mission. That’s ok, we successfully completed the job.

I’ve been standing in line for my powdered eggs and fake bacon for 45 minutes. That’s ok, it’s moving faster than it did last week.

At breakfast, I listen to my friends tell me the same stories I have heard for the past 2 years. That’s ok, they are my brothers. I love them.

My hands are dirty and I cannot get the smell of carbon out of my nose. That’s ok, my weapon has had ZERO malfunctions.

I get to spend a dollar a minute to hear my wife’s muffled voice over our weak pay phone connection. That’s ok, I’ll write her a letter later.

I finally get to come home to a country that has absolutely no concept as to how good we have it here. That’s ok, this is why we fight – for the American ignorance.

I finally receive my DD-214. The piece of paper I have dreamed of for the last year. I am sad, I am frightened, I am excited. It’s all going to be ok, I made it through this last enlistment, I can make it through anything.

I miss my friends, I miss doing cool stuff, I miss the simplicity of it all. That’s ok. I had the honor and privilege to wear the uniform amongst some of the finest individuals I will ever meet.

I wake up at night, drenched in my own sweat, afraid of the dark, afraid of my memories. Afraid of who I am. That’s ok, we all have our own personal fight.

I start school. I am older than my classmates, I have scars, I am unsure of myself- will I measure up to what I am? Will I honor the organization I came from? Will I make myself, my wife, and my brothers proud? It’s all so new! That’s ok. I graduated from Parris Island- I can accomplish anything.

I am sweating as I open my first test. Will I pass? I will, it will be ok- I have studied my tail off.

I am finding my purpose. I am becoming…Brian. I am more than just a 13 cent killer. I am an academic. I am a veteran. I am a loving husband and dog dad. I am whomever I want to be as a result of the discipline that was INSTILLED in me through sweat, pain, and tears.

I knew it would all be ok. I can do anything. I am not alone (nor are you).

I can and I will succeed. You. Will. Too.

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