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Jeremy HeydonJeremy Heydon was stationed at Ft Stewart Ga at 3rd ID 1st BDE 3-69 Jeremy was born in Carrollton, Ga, and joined the Army in 2009 and served as a 12B Combat Engineer. Re AR E-Co, then deployed December 2009 – December 2010 to Iraq and did route clearance. Jeremy medically retired when he returned from Iraq and is now attending CFCC for associates of fine arts with plans to earn a philosophy degree. Re is a member of the CFCC PTK Ronor Society. Jeremy plans to use his background to become a life coach/corporate consultant.

A slave that doesn’t know it is a slave has no perspective of being enslaved, except to that of its master’s perspective.
Content living in discontent, a goldfish born into captivity will never know it’s a pet. Raving our desires met gives us the illusion of choice, versus not having them met.

By the time we’re exhausted chasing this deceit, we find ourselves caged, institutionalized from a prison of the most organic form.
By choosing to not have our desires met, we will have the comprehension of what choice actually is, followed by our own beliefs.
Then you are no longer useful as a slave and your master, becomes vulnerable in nature, and gladly sets you free!

When the goldfish wakes up and realizes the glass walls are not water, the shock and intimidation of knowing dissolves the infatuation of ownership.
When flushed, the goldfish makes it back to the water which is much more vast and dangerous, but it’s nothing compared to swimming alone in the vastness of your consciousness.

While the other fish in the water may know you don’t belong and are content with all they know.
They know you are far more than a goldfish because you found discontent with everything you knew and everything that you were.

When all emotions are reflexes of an endangered ego, besides unselfish appreciation and contentment, and with that comes joy and humor.
While unconditional love holds more truth because it pertains to the identity of self, more so, than the identity of I.

Ego has everything to do with identity, a self made idealism protecting our innate defects.
Architecture fueled by fear and vulnerability, to build fictionally on top of the truth, so the truth can never be seen from the public eye or our own.

When I hear people say, I hate, I love, I want, I should, I can’t, and I would never, all I hear is a bird singing from a cage, not knowing that it can fly.
If the goldfish never realized the glass walls, and you were to ask it what it was,
it would have looked at you so foolishly for suggesting it was a pet, and would have said, “Clearly can’t you see; that I am a lion, and the king of my jungle!

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