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From My Purple Heart to Your Heart

Andreah’s MOS was a 92G (Food Specialist) in the US Army. She was assigned to the 101st Airborne and with female engagement while deployed in Kandahar, Afghanistan. She has attended CFCC on and off for years in the Culinary Arts program and recently as a transfer college student. Dreah will continue her education at Johnson & Wales University

My transition from the military to Cape Fear has inspired this piece to give my overwhelming gratitude to this institution and how its faculty and staff have helped me make it through my battle with PTSD and my separation from the Army. This is a thank you for inspiring me to continue my education and be all I could be even after I took my boots off. To the faculty and staff of Cape Fear Community College, thank you for always covering my 6.

-SPC Andreah Anderson US ARMY

From my purple heart to your heart

You didn’t know that day my mind was everywhere, but in front of me.
This day was a day where I felt heavy, ashamed, and very lost in a country I defended.
I was filled with grief and overwhelming emotions I didn’t know how to deal with.
And there you were ready to be a hero in your own right without knowing with so much ambiguity.

This day you saved a veteran’s life and gave hope when there was doubt.
You changed a shattered mind with clarity and understanding.
Somehow someway your selfless act welcomed me home many months after my return.
You became a friend I could depend on and a safe place for my heavy heart.

Emphatically you showed concern for my yesterday, my today, and my tomorrow which is a debt I could never repay.
The recognition you gave my time in service reminded me every day how much my sacrifices meant.
For every time you pushed me to be a better me, I came out stronger.
Every conversation, every moment, and every extra mile you took for me will be taken for granted.

Thank you for helping me fight a battle that isn’t easily won.
You covered my six without ever putting on a uniform.
A hero … my hero… and beyond measure an outstanding human with
God’s grace.
From my purple heart to yours, thank you for serving your country and
saving my life.

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