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Liberty and Blessings

Joseph AbadiaotakisMy name is Joseph N. Abadiotakis, I am originally from Freehold, NJ. In 2010, I enlisted in the United State Marine Corps and began my career as an Infantry Marine. In 2015, I transitioned to Marine Special Operations Command, where I would spend the next seven years. During this time, I was able to start a family that has now grown to four strong, five with the pup. In late 2022, I committed to my transition out of the military in pursuit of a new career in the medical field. In the future, I hope to be working as a pediatric physician assistant in Eastern North Carolina.

My last day on active duty was September 29, 2022. After more than 12 years of decisive and confident action, I walk away, relying heavily on the strength of my family and friends. This picture (above) was taken with my son on my last day and is a constant reminder that I am not only ready for what comes next but excited about it. I hope that one day everyone can recognize such peace and enjoy the liberty and blessing that Re has to offer.

My message to anyone willing to listen:
You are NOT alone!

Helping others may seem like a chore sometimes because life is busy, but few can challenge that. What I hope to point out though is that simple things can make a difference. Saying good morning, grabbing the door for someone, maybe even a smile. We never know where someone is mentally, and it is just as helpful and impactful to be kind to others as it is to donate the shirt off your back. I encourage those who are willing to recognize that you can make a difference and for those in need, that you are not alone.

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