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Saint All in My Head (Lyrics/Video)

Andreah AndersonArmy veteran SPC Andreah Anderson entered the Army right out of high school.

She attended basic training at Ft. Jackson, SC, graduated in March 2009, then continued her training AIT at Ft. Lee, VA for her MOS 92G. After she graduated AIT, she received her duty station of Ft. Campbell, Ky, and reported there in June 2009. Andreah served in Afghanistan in 2010.

Author’s Note

I can say to this day I wouldn’t trade my Unit for anything. My pride was always heartfelt, but when I earned the honor to wear the screaming eagle patch, it became even more prideful to be a soldier. I was in G. co 1/320th 2BCT STRIKE. I deployed with my unit in June of 2010 to Kandahar, Afghanistan then moved outward to Jeluwar to Cob STOUT. Our Unit suffered a lot of losses, including my good friend Brandon King. And to this day I’ve used writing to express myself and remember my fallen battles. The Army has been my foundation even though I’ve been out for years. I fell in love with cooking when I became 92G in the military and now I attend CFCC and am working on my culinary degree. The Army gave me pride, honor, and the greatest reason to be a writer.

My piece for StoryForce is a song I wrote for my battles that I lost during my tour in Afghanistan and my battles I lost to suicide after our return home. With a heavy heart and mind, I’ve dedicated as much as I could to remember them with honor and grace. My song is also dedicated to any of my battles suffering from PTSD in ways a lot of people can’t imagine. I hope someone finds comfort in my words and knows they’re not fighting their battles alone.


Verse 1:
Same shit, different day That’s protocol.
Mixing the emotions with the pain and the alcohol.
I’m doing better ya’ll I swear to God!
Gotta talk to him cuz no one else picks up my calls.
When people say they love you I second guess it.
The PTSD turned into anxiety and depression.
And they left you alone asking yourself.
Is this life worth living or should you blast yourself?

It’s like you’re reading my mind
(and it’s over and over again) X3

Verse 2:
I still think about it like yesterday.
Look at the sky like we both playing spades.
Damn why they took you like that.
Damn why they shoot you like that.
I’m still chasing memories tryna get you back.
And I know I can’t get you back.
All this pain it keeps causing me.
It’s like devil can’t get off of me.

It’s like you’re reading my mind
(and it’s over and over again) X3

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