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Marcus is a United States Army veteran who worked as a 88M Motor Transportation Specialist and a 25L Cable Systems Installer. He is from Wilmington, NC, and is currently a CFCC student studying Health and Fitness Exercise Science.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Battle Buddies. Trust me. There is more life outside of the Military. I want to let
other Veterans, who may be struggling trying to find new or more purpose and meaning, know that there is more life outside of the Military. Don’t allow yourself to stick and hold on to the past, the “good ole’ days.” Don’t allow others to tell you what you can and won’t be able to do for whatever reason they come up with. Their intentions do not align with your goals.

I’ve experienced this a lot since being retired in December of 2017 after serving 16 years in the Army. I’ve had people tell me, “You’re too old. You need to slow down. You need to stop doing so much. If I were you…” I don’t know where I would be if I had listened to them and bled into the norms of society like others. I honestly and wholeheartedly do not care. I am currently 42 years old. I finally gave my life to Christ. I’m in the best shape of my life. I train Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, and Wrestling. In October 2019, I competed in an IKF Kickboxing Tournament and won. In April 2021, I broke my left ankle training for an Amateur MMA fight that was scheduled for the following month. I healed up in time to make the fight card in December 2021 and won. I no longer compete, but I still train. I’m currently a student at Cape Fear Community College studying Health and Fitness Exercise Science to become a personal trainer/coach. Lastly, I have two kids who I love and cherish. They look up to me. I am an example of what a person can do after getting out of the military. It is a beginning, not an end.
Prayers and Blessings to All.

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