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Quick Guide – Testing Q&As

How does a student schedule a test?
Students are instructed to complete the online “ Request an Accommodated Test ” form.

What is the instructor’s responsibility in this process?
Once the student submits an online accommodated testing request, the instructor will receive an automated “Student Request for Accommodated Testing” notice via email. The instructor must complete the online accommodated testing form at the bottom of the email.

How is a test proctored?
Tests are monitored by SAS staff, and video cameras are used when available.

What if a student is late for a scheduled test?
Late arrivals will have time deducted from the extended time. If a student is over 20 minutes late for their scheduled test, the student cannot test without the instructor’s approval. It is the student’s responsibility to have the instructor contact SAS for approval.

How far in advance do tests need to be scheduled?
SAS requires three business days to ensure tests are received, space is available, and proctors are scheduled. Requests with less than three days’ notice may be approved but cannot be guaranteed.

What if a student is caught cheating?
The test will be taken from the student, the instructor notified, and the test returned to the instructor. It is up to the individual instructor regarding consequences.

Can an instructor give specialized testing instructions?
Yes, at the bottom of the “ Instructor Request for Accommodated Testing ” form, there is space for any additional information on the instructor would like to provide.

Why is it essential for faculty to respond promptly to a testing request?
To ensure:
1. Student receives confirmation of their request.
2. SAS has ample time to prepare the Accommodated Testing packet.
3. SAS can calculate accurate testing time.
4. SAS is prepared with equipment, reader, etc., if needed.
5. Space is available for testing.

What are SAS testing hours?
Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm

What if a student takes a night class?
The student will need to make arrangements with the instructor to test outside of SAS office hours or the student will need to complete an “ Accommodated Testing Form ” with SAS to test within the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

What campuses offer SAS testing?
All campuses.

Who is in charge of enlarging tests?
It is the instructor’s responsibility to enlarge tests. Unless otherwise specified, Arial 18 font is recommended. CFCC’s Publication Office can assist if needed.

Do testers receive help during the test?
No. If the tester has a question regarding the test, SAS will contact the instructor.

What materials are allowed in the testing rooms?
The only materials allowed are materials indicated by the instructor on the “ Instructors Request for Accommodated Testing ” form. No personal items, including cell phones, are allowed in the testing rooms.

How do I provide accommodations for pop-quizzes?
The accommodation of “extended time” applies to all timed tests, exams, quizzes, and pop quizzes. Instructors may find it challenging to provide testing accommodations recommended for students with disabilities for pop quizzes due to scheduling conflicts, the nature of the testing accommodations needed by the student (i.e., assistive technology, extended time, distraction-reduced setting, etc.), or the need for prior arrangements if the student would typically be taking the quiz at the SAS office.

Legal Implications: Students have a right to reasonable accommodations and faculty have a right to evaluate learning. Reasonable accommodations are not required if they fundamentally alter the nature of the activity in question. The goal of accommodating a “pop quiz” is to ensure reasonable accommodation and maintain the integrity of the evaluation process, such that the accommodation does not fundamentally alter the evaluation process.

SAS recommends the following options:

  • Give the quiz at the beginning of class and permit the student to begin the quiz earlier than the rest of the class
  • Allow the student to take the quiz in a previously agreed upon location near the classroom. The student would return to class after the extended test/quiz time.
  • Schedule the quiz at the end of the class and allow the student additional time after class to complete the quiz.
  • If the test has four questions and you allow the class ten minutes to take the quiz, grade the student on two questions or three questions, depending upon whether the student is entitled to time and a half or double time.
  • Have all students take the pop quiz without extended test time, but pro-rate or disregard the grade (count as participation)

*Note that some of these options draw attention to the student who is being accommodated. If one of these options is being considered, it is important to ensure that the student is comfortable with this in advance.


  • Ask the student to come to your office for an oral pop quiz
  • Make the quizzes more difficult, but take-home for everyone
  • Send out questions via email at a set time prior to class for the students to complete prior to the beginning of class time

If you plan to use pop quizzes, the best way to avoid awkward situations is to communicate early in the semester with the student who needs extended time. Together you can develop a workable solution for everyone involved.

Remember, the way in which an accommodation is implemented is negotiable, but if you feel an accommodation fundamentally alters the evaluation process you MUST contact the SAS office before refusing to provide that accommodation.

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