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Placement Testing Reservation Calendar

Placement Testing is not required for enrollment except for the following first responder programs: BLET, EMT Basic, Wilmington Firefighters, Advanced EMT, Paramedic, and EMS.

If you are a student with a documented disability in need of accommodations during your placement test, please contact the Student Accessibility Services Office prior to scheduling. The Student Accessibility Services Office is located in Union Station – 218 or can be reached at 910-362-7017 .

Sign Up for Testing

First Responder (BLET, EMT Basic, Advanced EMT, EMS, Paramedic) and other Eligible Applicants Only

Note: If you are taking the RISE Placement Test to improve course placement, you must meet eligibility requirements to do so.

Testing sessions are generally available every week the College is open. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early.

Test Preparation
Reviewing before taking the placement test can help you maximize your proficiency.The test is not time and calculator usage is allowed.

First Responder Placement Testing

Continuing Education Firefighter and EMT Basic applicants take the CASAS READING TEST as part of the application process. For Continuing Education Firefighter and EMT Basic applicants, there is a $10.00 test fee that can be paid on the day of testing for the CASAS READING TEST. Please arrive at the Testing Center 15 minutes prior to the start of the test so that the payment process can be completed.

Advanced EMT, EMS, and Paramedic applicants will take the Accuplacer Next Generation Reading and Arithmetic tests.

When reserving your spot for testing, EMTs can put “EMT” in the required box that asks for your CFCC ID#. Firefighters can put “Firefighter” in this box. EMTs and Firefighters are not required to have CFCC ID#s to test.

BLET Testers should sign up using their CFCC ID#.

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