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Aviso App

Being a CFCC student is made easier with the Aviso Student app!

Use the new CFCC Aviso app to make appointments with your academic advisor, counselor, or schedule a meeting with the success team! The Aviso Student app also makes your courses, grades, and attendance accessible all in one place!

Aviso Student App

What is Aviso?

  • Best way to connect quickly with your Advisor and Counselor
  • Schedule Meetings with your Success Team
  • View your Courses, Grades, and Attendance in one place
  • Receive push notifications for important Messages on the App
  • Ease of use with the App on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices

How do I find Aviso?

Visit or Download the Aviso Student App in Your App Store

  1. Search for “Aviso Student” in your Application Store
  2. Download the App
  3. Enter your CFCC login credentials