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Veteran & Military Service Attendance Policy

Cape Fear Community College recognizes the unique situations that our students who are veterans and/or military service members of the US Armed Forces sometimes endure situations which can affect their attendance. If a veteran and/or military service member student receives orders for unexpected short-term deployment or training, or for medical appointments and/or hospitalization due to service-related injuries, absences that result from these orders or appointments will not count toward the total number of absences allowable per the attendance policy of each class in which that student is enrolled.

A student seeking an excused absence should first present military orders and/or medical documentation from an approved provider (Military Hospitals, Veterans Healthcare Administration, and/or Veterans Choice Program) in relation to service-connected injuries to the Coordinator of Veteran’s Affairs, to be shared with the respective department chair and the student’s instructor. CFCC will adhere to the Excused Absence for Military Service policy, prescribed by the State Board of Community Colleges (SBCCC.500.1), for those service members forward deployed or in training, contingent upon orders submitted to the Coordinator of Veteran’s Affairs.

The College acknowledges that some classes, such as biology and clinicals in allied health programs, have unique content; it may not be possible for a student to receive an extension on the assignments in these courses.

We also recognize that there will be unique cases that will require the exercise of sound judgment. Instructors, department chairs, and the Coordinator of Veteran Affairs will collectively discuss these cases to determine the best way to assist our veteran and/or military service member students in completing their course of study.

Students who are currently serving in the Guard/Reserve must adhere to the College’s No Show policy by attending all of their classes before the deployment or training begins. Students unable to attend class on or prior to the census date (10% point of class) should register for another class session when available.

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