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Work-Based Learning

Work-based Learning (WBL) is a college work experience and internship program that gives students college credit for on-the-job learning. These work experiences or internships, whether paid or unpaid, help students master skills related to their majors and future careers while providing great networking opportunities. Enrollment in a program with a WBL component is required in order to participate in the CFCC’s Work-based Learning. Interested students should contact the WBL coordinator for questions concerning this program. Additional information can be found on the right under the main menu.


Learn how to participate in CFCC’s Work-Based Learning program.


Getting Started

You will then need to secure a position related to your program and career goals. This needs to be done prior to the beginning of your WBL class. If you need help with this step, speak to your instructor and the WBL coordinator for assistance. Make sure the WBL coordinator approves your worksite and you list the supervisor’s contact information on your application!

Make sure your program offers WBL class. Apply to a WBL class by clicking the link and completing the application online . You will then need to meet with the WBL coordinator to complete the registration process, either in person or via telephone. Minimum enrollment requirements are on the application. Once you meet with the WBL coordinator, your registration will be completed.

You will then receive an email containing the digital workbooks. At this time, you should review the required information with the WBL coordinator so you know what is required of you during the course of the semester. Your instructor will schedule an orientation with you to go over their requirements either prior to or immediately after the semester begins.

During Your Work Experience

Keep up your workbook and required forms up to date with the appropriate signatures online. Contact your instructor or the WBL coordinator at any time you encounter a problem with your WBL program. It is important that you document your work-based learning experience to receive college credit towards your degree.

After Your Work Experience

Upon completing the assigned required hours for your course, make sure all dates and signatures are in your workbook. Your grade for this course will reflect the effort you put forth to accomplish the learning objectives that you, your supervisor, and your instructor will set at the beginning of your work experience. Your workbook is the place to document your hard work and accomplishments.

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