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College Accelerator Program

The CFCC College Accelerated Program (CAP) is designed to provide motivated students with an accelerated pathway to complete their associate degree. The program encourages proactivity and supports student growth by offering several key components:

Fast-Track Curriculum

The CAP program features an accelerated curriculum that allows students to complete their degree or certification requirements in a shorter time frame compared to traditional programs. This condensed timeline encourages students to be proactive in their studies and stay on track to meet program milestones.

Intensive Coursework

The CAP program typically involves rigorous coursework with a higher credit load per semester. This challenges students to take responsibility for their learning and be proactive in managing their time, staying organized, and maintaining a disciplined approach to their studies.

Supportive Learning Environment

Although the CAP program is accelerated, CFCC recognizes the importance of providing a supportive learning environment. Students have access to academic advisors, professors, and support services to assist them throughout their academic journey. These resources help students navigate the program successfully and address any challenges they may encounter.

Cohort Model

The CAP program utilizes a cohort model, students progress through the program together as a group. This fosters a sense of community, collaboration, and mutual support among students. By engaging with peers who share similar goals and aspirations, students can motivate each other and grow collectively.

It’s worth noting that approximately 99% of Baccalaureate Degree Plans (BDPs) in the state of North Carolina require an Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degree. These pathways offer the greatest transferability, facilitating seamless progress for students seeking to continue their education out of state.

Students will determine their pathway based on the college they plan to attend and their areas of interest:

  • Associate in Arts (AA) – 61 Credits: Primarily focused on behavioral sciences.
  • Associate in Science (AS) – 61 Credits: Emphasizes math and natural sciences.

For students considering universities outside of North Carolina, it is advisable to research and contact those institutions to ascertain which courses will transfer. The choice of pathway should align with the prospective college and the student’s intended major.

The program will differentiate from CCP in a few ways. The admission process for CAP students will begin in the spring of their 8th grade year through their middle schools. Once admitted students will begin a fast tracked high school career in 9th grade.

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