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Homeschool Students

Are you a homeschool student looking to jumpstart your college education? Join our Career and College Promise (CCP) program! Designed for high school juniors and seniors, our program offers a unique opportunity to earn college credits while completing high school.

Homeschool students can begin their college classes in the fall semester of their junior year. As long as students are successfully progressing towards high school graduation and submitting all required continuing eligibility documents, they can enjoy our CCP offerings for one year as a junior and one year as a senior.

Note: The eligibility end date is tied to the high school graduation date. Students participating in CCP may not delay high school graduation in order to maintain enrollment.

Application Process

To kick-start your application process, please select one of the following options:

Submit Your Eligibility Documents

When completing the DocuSign Approval Form (Step 3 of the links provided above), Homeschool Administrators are required to upload the following documents:

  1. A copy of the homeschool registration card issued by the NC Department of Non-Public Education.
  2. A homeschool transcript that includes the following details:
    • A clearly labeled unweighted cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale.
    • The student’s grade level.
    • Completed courses with final grades.
    • Courses currently in progress (marked with ‘IP’ for ‘In Progress’).

For additional guidance on transcript requirements, we recommend viewing this brief tutorial video.

Please be aware that an updated transcript must be submitted each semester while the student is enrolled to maintain eligibility and continued enrollment in the CCP Program. To ensure all necessary information is accurately displayed, please utilize our convenient Homeschool Transcript Template .

Take Charge of Your Education

Own Your Academic Success
Engage daily

Check your CFCC email regularly for important updates and deadlines.

Communicate proactively

Initiate conversations with CFCC faculty and staff to navigate your college experience effectively.

Protect your info

Keep your login details confidential and manage your own academic records.

Responsibility in the Classroom
  • Understand and follow individual class policies.
  • Handle your academic inquiries – from grade clarifications to discussing class challenges directly with your instructors.

Support When You Need It

While encouraging independence, our dedicated CCP liaison is always ready to assist when challenges arise.

In order to show college readiness and foster useful self-advocacy skills, students are expected to lead all communication with college faculty and staff. This approach helps them develop essential life skills and prepares them for a successful transition to college life.

Apply now to begin your path to college success with Cape Fear Community College’s Dual Enrollment program!

Access Our Homeschool Transcript Templates

View Sample Updated Transcript formatting and tutorial video below.

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