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Homeschool Students

Student Expectations

  • Check your CFCC email on a daily basis
  • Initiate all contact with CFCC faculty and staff
  • Self Register for classes
  • Understand your pathway and CCP Procedures
  • Do Not share your CFCC username and password with anyone, including parents and HS designee

Parent/HS Designee Expectations

  • Submit an updated transcript for your student(s) each semester that they are enrolled in CCP
  • Encourage and support your student(s)
  • Do not initiate contact with CFCC faculty/staff on the student’s behalf
  • Do not request classes, schedule and pathway changes for your student(s)
  • Do not use your student(s) CFCC username/ID to check their email accounts, register for them classes or anything else that requires theri CFCC credentials.

Transcript due dates & Homeschool Transcript Template

NC Department of Non-Public Instruction

Virtual Informational Session for Homeschool Students

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