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FAQ for Accepted Students

How do I set up my MyCFCC account and find my username and password?
  1. Visit cfcc.edu.
  2. Click on MyCFCC.
  3. Click on First Time User.
  4. The username and student ID needed to complete this access are located on your acceptance letter/email.
  5. If you are experiencing technical difficulties in setting up your account, please contact the IT helpdesk at 910-362-HELP.
How do I find out who my CCP Career Coach/Liaison is?
The assigned Career Coach for your high school and be found here: CCP Contacts
How do I register for courses?
The following link provides excellent information on registration, as well as useful tutorial videos:

Also, CCP students need to know the CCP registration policy below.

We operate on a limited self-registration model for our CCP students. CCP students can self-register for their course from the opening of priority registration up to a designated date (which is publicized by the CCP office through posts in Google Classroom, many emails, and text blasts). At the designated self-registration deadline, CCP students will not be able to adjust their schedules without the assistance of the CCP team. CCP students can still have adjustments made to their schedules after the self-registration deadline but will have to do so in cooperation with their Career Coach/CCP Liaison and must adhere to the following steps to add or drop a course.

Steps to ADD a course

If a student would like to add a course after the self-registration window has closed, they must communicate with their CFCC Career Coach/CCP Liaison via email or by booking an appointment. If using the email option of communication, all emails must come from your CFCC email account. Students must plan the desired course in self-service, then email their Career Coach/CCP Liaison notifying them of the specific course they have planned in self-service (ex: I have planned ENG-111-I01 in self-service. Will you please register me for this course? Thank you!). The Career Coach will review the course to ensure it aligns with your pathway. If so, they will register you for the course and send you a confirmation.

Steps to DROP a course

If a student wishes to remove a course from their schedule after the self-registration window closes, they must email their high school counselor/designee requesting permission to drop their course(s). This will ensure that the high school is aware of/approves of any drops and can ensure that dropping the course does not put a student in violation of a high school policy or adversely affect high school graduation eligibility. The high school counselor will email the CFCC Career Coach permission for the CCP Student to be eligible to drop the course(s). The CFCC Career Coach will send an email confirmation letting the student know once the course has been dropped.

How do I access online classes?
How much do CFCC classes cost?
Tuition is waived for CCP students during the fall, winter, spring, and summer terms, but CCP students are responsible for paying student activity fees, parking/security fees, technology fees, textbooks, and any required supplies. Payment of fees is expected at the time of registration.

This can be done in person at our business office or online by accessing the “Pay Tuition and Fees” link under Launchpad on the student’s myCFCC portal. Students who register early enough may be eligible for a payment plan by accessing the payment plan link through their student portal. The fee total is based on the number of credits taken. Parking/security fees are not charged for online classes.

All questions about billing must be directed to the Business Office. The CCP Team does not have access to student financial information.

Is Financial Aid available to dual enrolled high school students?
Financial aid is only available to high school graduates.
How do I pay my fees?
Your fees may be paid online or on campus at the Business Office.

To view your account balance, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into MyCFCC.
  2. On the left-side under the students launchpad.
  3. Go to “Pay Tuition and Fees.”
  4. Students can View Activity and Make Payment through this account.
  5. Students who registered early may have access to make payment arrangements through the “Payment Plan” tab in the students portal.
How do I know which textbooks are required?
You may access textbook information for classes by using the Textbook Look-Up feature on the CFCC Bookstore Website or by visiting the campus bookstores.
How do I receive my parking pass and CFCC ID?
Once your fees are paid, you may visit campus to pick up your CFCC ID and parking pass. Parking passes and CFCC ID’s are issued at the downtown Wilmington Business Office in the Union Station Building and also at the North Campus Business Office in the NA Building and at Surf City Center.
May I visit campus and take a tour before classes begin?
Yes! If this is your first time taking CFCC classes on campus, I encourage you to sign up to take a tour of the campus before the semester begins so that you will be familiar with the location of your classes, where to park, etc.
I have registered for courses, but I don’t see them in MyCFCC under My Courses. Where are they?
Classes will appear in Canvas on the first day the course begins. Until then, you will need to review your schedule through “Self-Service” under your student planning.
May I take classes outside of my pathway?
No. You are limited to courses in your pathway until you complete the pathway or graduate from high school. Courses registered outside of your pathway will be purged from your schedule regardless of payment.
May I take a foreign language as part of my pathway?
State Operating procedures allow, in certain pathways, for CCP students to take up to 8 SHC of foreign language courses and accompanying labs in a single language designated as General Education in the CAA. These courses are not a part of the Universal General Education Transfer Component.

Students who complete these courses with a “C” or better grade will receive transfer credit. The receiving university will determine whether the courses are general education, pre-major, or elective credits. See your assigned CCP Career Coach/Liaison to clarify which pathways allow this.

Where do I park on campus?
Here is a link to the campus maps . SP indicates Student Parking.
Are tutors available to help me with CFCC classes?
Yes, tutoring is available in the CFCC Learning Lab .
If I have accommodations at my high school, may I receive accommodations in a CFCC class?
Students who would like to seek special accommodations are welcome to contact the Accessibility Support Services office to arrange a confidential discussion. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 910-362-7800 , or walk-in appointments are welcome. CFCC Student Accessibility Services.
Does CFCC accept AP or CLEP credit?
Yes. For students using AP/CLEP scores to satisfy prerequisites and/or gain college credit towards the completion of their pathway, official score reports from College Board must be submitted to the college. Official scores must be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar for formal review, acceptance, and be officially awarded to the student’s record before a CCP student can use them for pathway completion form eligibility. Students who must take the College Placement Test to satisfy eligibility requirements may do so at CFCC. The College Placement Test is offered routinely on campus. There is no charge for the College Placement Test. CFCC Testing Services
How do I know my final grade in a CFCC course?
CFCC final letter grades may be found 24-48 hours after the course has ended by accessing “Self-Service”, then selecting the “Grades” option.
How do grades work?
CFCC Grade to High School Grade Conversion

CFCC Grade Scale
High School Report Card Grade
A=92-100 A=95
B=84-91 B=85
C=76-83 C=75
D=68-75 D=65
F=0-67 F=55
***UGETC Courses-you must make a C or higher in order for the credits to transfer to a University*** **College Transfer Courses are AP Weighted**
How do I request a CFCC transcript?
Students can request their transcript through this site: Request a Transcript

The site will walk students through placing their order, including delivery options and fees. You can order as many transcripts as you like in a single session. There is a fee of $5 per copy. Overnight and international mail requests will incur an additional fee.

For further information, email the Registrar’s Office at transcripts@cfcc.edu or call 910-362-7749 or 910-362-7557 for assistance with transcripts.

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