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9 rewarding hands-on careers you can get with a 2-year degree or less

Are you someone who enjoys hands-on work and isn’t afraid to get dirty? If so, consider these rewarding career options and how CFCC can help you fast-track your path with diplomas, certificates, or associate degrees. CFCC offers comprehensive training in these in-demand fields, including apprenticeships that provide practical experience alongside structured coursework. By participating in  Read More

Should you take in-person, online, or hybrid classes?

What’s the difference between a job and a career?

CFCC is dedicated to helping students achieve their education and workforce training goals that will take them to their dream careers. We sat down with Career Development Coordinator Gina Mecca to discuss ways to select the right career. According to Dictionary.com , a job is a post of employment. The definition of a career is  Read More

6 Tips to Get You Through that Mid-Semester Slump

The fall air in southeastern North Carolina is a welcome reprieve from the hot, sticky days of August. Getting outside actually feels like a gift rather than a punishment. At the beginning of the semester, we didn’t mind being indoors in air conditioning, away from the muggy heat and humidity, while we studied. Now the  Read More

Your Guide to the FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opens on Oct. 1! You may be eligible for FREE money to begin or continue your education journey. What is the FAFSA? FAFSA is a student and parent portal to apply for financial aid to help you pay for college. Depending on eligibility, students will be presented  Read More

CFCC Library: What you need to know about one of CFCC’s most valuable resources

At some point in a college student’s life, there will be a need to visit the campus library. Whether researching a term paper, looking for leisure reading, or scouring for a study space, CFCC’s libraries have everything you need. If you can’t get to the library in person, you can visit the library online .  Read More

Turn Your Associate Degree into a Bachelor’s Degree

High-quality, convenient, affordable, flexible —the benefits of starting at a community college are endless. Yet many students overlook community college as a possibility in their academic journey. For students who plan to earn their bachelor’s degree, completing an associate degree at a community college can save thousands and be a great path to admittance into  Read More
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