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Turn Your Associate Degree into a Bachelor’s Degree

Shelby Lloyd

High-quality, convenient, affordable, flexible —the benefits of starting at a community college are endless. Yet many students overlook community college as a possibility in their academic journey.

For students who plan to earn their bachelor’s degree, completing an associate degree at a community college can save thousands and be a great path to admittance into a dream school.

Here are some tips from the CFCC staff on how to get started.

Begin the process by researching your preferred transfer school.

  • Does the school offer the major you want to study?
  • Are the tuition, fees, and housing options affordable?
  • What on-campus facilities, amenities, and student activities are available?

Keep location in mind.

  • Can you weather cold winters and high altitudes?
  • Are you more of a long summer, sandy shoreline soul?
  • Are you looking for a big-city vibe or the serenity of a more suburban setting?

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Become familiar with Baccalaureate Degree Plans (BDPs)

Baccalaureate Degree Plans (BDPs) are guidelines universities send to community colleges to develop transferable associate degrees. These plans give students recommendations on prerequisites and required courses that will be needed for their major.

Meet with career counselors

Finding the best path forward is easier with academic advisors and career counselors. Advisors and career counselors can help you determine educational and career goals that align with your interests and strengths.

Check out career development and counseling resources available at Cape Fear Community College.

When Can I Transfer?

CFCC students can transfer at any time to their preferred university. However, to gain the most benefit toward the next degree, it’s recommended that students complete their associate degree before transferring.

  • Apply for admission to your preferred university. Most transfer students start about a year before they are ready to enroll at the university.
  • Request your official transcripts online early in the process.
  • Complete your financial aid application.
  • Check with the college admissions office on your application process to ensure your application is complete.

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