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Programs Not Eligible for Financial Aid

  • Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology (certificate)
  • Accounting & Finance (certificate)
  • Accounting Analytics (certificate)
  • Accounting Fraud Analytics (certificate)
  • Advertising and Graphic Design (certificate)
  • Architectural Technology (certificate)
  • Automotive Customizing Technology (certificate)
  • Boat Building (Wooden) (certificate)
  • Business Analytics (certificate)
  • Carpentry (certificate)
  • Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology (certificate)
  • Construction Management Technology (certificate)
    • Project Management (certificate)
    • Framing (certificate)
  • Criminal Justice Technology:
    • Criminal Justice Technology (certificate)
    • Industrial Security (certificate)
  • Diesel Power Generation Technology (diploma)
  • Early Childhood Education-Preschool (certificate)
  • Early Childhood Infant/Toddler Care Certificate
  • Early Childhood Preschool Certificate
  • Electrical Systems Technology (certificate)
  • Electronics Engineering Technology (certificate)
    • Drone Systems (certificate)
    • LAN Cabling Technology (certificate)
  • Emergency Management (certificate)
    • Administration (certificate)
  • Healthcare Business Informatics (diploma)
    • Healthcare Business Informatics (certificate)
  • Insurance (diploma)
    • Insurance Life and Accident (certificate)
    • Insurance Property and Casualty (certificate)
  • Information Technology Systems Administration (certificate)
  • Landscape Gardening:
    • Landscape Design (certificate)
    • Landscape Gardening (certificate)
    • Landscape Gardening Horticulture Production (certificate)
    • Retention Pond Management (certificate)
    • Sustainable Gardening (certificate)
  • Leadership and Business Etiquette (certificate)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (certificate)
  • Medical Assisting (diploma)
  • Paralegal Technology, Elder Law (certificate)
  • Plumbing (certificate)
  • Special Credit (major)
  • Sustainability Technologies:
    • Sustainability Technology (certificate)
    • Renewable Energy Technology (certificate)
    • Sustainable Building Performance (certificate)
  • Welding Technology:
    • GTAW/GMAN (certificate)
    • SMAW/GTAW (certificate)

NOTE:  Associate in General Education (AGE) Program – No financial assistance is available for free elective courses taken from curriculum programs that are ineligible for financial aid unless the courses are required for completion of the diploma and/or degree programs in the same discipline.

Updated December, 2021

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