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Ways to Give

All gifts are tax deductible, as the Cape Fear Community College Foundation has been recognized as a tax-exempt non-profit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code since 1980.

  • Cash Gifts (check or credit card) are tax-deductible in the year given and can be designated to either scholarships or academic program support on our giving page.
  • Pledges (single or multiple payments) may be designated for a specific program or unrestricted for use where needs are greatest. Pledges are not deductible until paid.
  • Securities may be deducted at full market value without paying capital gains taxes on appreciated value.
  • Planned Giving is an investment in the future. You can give to the unrestricted endowment, to a specific program or fund, or to honor or memorialize someone. Many planned giving options offer significant tax benefits.

Make a Gift Today

Start a Scholarship

Scholarships provide the gift of education to students who are trying to improve their lives. Donors who establish scholarship funds often enjoy meeting their scholarship recipients and seeing the difference their generosity makes in the lives of others.

Scholarships may be endowed or non-endowed, depending on the donor’s wishes. Scholarship criteria are specified by the donor and may include a specific area of study and/or minimum GPA.

All endowed scholarships are permanent, named funds. They are a meaningful way to honor or memorialize a family member or friend. These funds are invested, and a portion of the income generated is used to fund annual scholarship awards. The minimum amount to set up a general endowed scholarship with no restrictions is $25,000, which can be paid over three years to five years. The current 4% income generated from a $25,000 endowment will cover the majority of tuition costs for one semester for a full-time CFCC student.

Donors are encouraged to continue adding to the funds in order to generate increased scholarship support for students. Donors can add to endowed funds at any time. Endowed funds are a wonderful way to establish a legacy at the college that will exist in perpetuity.

Non-endowed scholarships are named, temporary funds. They are commonly called annual scholarships and can be established with a gift of any size. They remain active as long as donors contribute to them. All of the funds donated in a given year to non-endowed scholarships are awarded to students. Restrictions or criteria can be placed on any fund, allowing the donor to specify a type of student they would like to give preference to receiving this award (such as minimum GPA, demonstration of financial need, academic merit, county of residence, program of study, etc.).

For more information about how to establish a scholarship, please call Meghan Merritt, our Director of Philanthropy at 910-362-7866 .

In-Kind Gifts or Donated Goods

  • Gifts In Kind may be donated upon approval of the Foundation. The items must be inspected to ensure the College can effectively use the items appropriately. A receipt with market value will be provided upon approval.
  • Matching Gifts are offered by many companies. Ask your HR department if your company matches employee charitable gifts.
  • Real Property (homes, commercial buildings, or undeveloped land) can be given outright, as part gift/part sale (bargain sale), or as the resource for a charitable remainder trust or retained life estate. Due to the variety of academic and continuing education programs at CFCC, we are often interested in used boats, vehicles, office equipment, and other items as long as they are in working condition and comply with our safety regulations.

For more information about donated goods, please call Lindsay Wright at 910-362-7207 .

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