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Graphic Design

Start your graphic design career at Cape Fear!

Cape Fear Community College offers a graphic design certificate program consisting of 7 courses and 312 hours of instruction. The coursework will focus on graphic design principles, Adobe Design software, and web applications for graphic designers. Students can expect to learn about current design and technology. Using state of the art software and resources, the Graphic Arts faculty will train students in all areas of design as well as logo creation, color theory, and newly emerging areas in the field. Take a look at some of our student artwork!

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Please note: Supplies are required for the Foundations of Design course. Please click the hyperlink below to access the list.

Student Artwork

Foundations of Design Supply List
  • #2 or softer pencil
  • Three to five color markers (fine and medium tips)
  • White eraser
  • 12” metal ruler
  • 18″ plastic t-square (available at Hobby Lobby)
  • 10″ triangle
  • Masking tape or not so sticky tape
  • Layout tablet or 8.5” X 11” copier paper
  • Compass (inexpensive)
  • Small wire bound sketchbook
  • Small cutting mat (12″x 18″)
  • Exacto knife and #11 blades
  • 2 sheets of approximately 11″x14″ illustration board
  • 1 pad of 11×14 bristol board
  • 5 small tubes of gouache or acrylic paint: Black, white, red, blue yellow.
  • Several small flat-tipped and pointed paint brushes
  • Smartphone
Class Prerequisites Corequisites
Foundations of Design None None
Adobe Design I Foundations of Design Foundations of Design
Adobe Design II Foundations & Adobe Design I Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator Foundations of Design & Adobe I Adobe II
Adobe Photoshop Foundations of Design, Adobe I, Adobe II, Adobe Illustrator Web Applications
Web Applications Foundations of Design, Adobe I, Adobe II, Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop
Capstone Portfolio Foundations, Adobe I, Adobe II, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Web Applications N/A-
Final course in the series, all other courses listed above must have been successfully completed prior to taking Capstone Portfolio.
See how one CFCC graphic design student turned his class project into a freelance career!

Get Graphic Design training with a school that fits your schedule!

The Graphic Design program is now offered through online and hyflex modalities making it more accessible.

How does hyflex work?

Your instructor is on campus teaching during the regularly scheduled class time. You can choose to attend class in person or log into the online meeting to attend class virtually.

Which modalities are each class offered in?
  1. Foundations of Graphic Design – Online
  2. Adobe Design I – Hyflex
  3. Adobe Illustrator – Online
  4. Adobe Design II – Hyflex
  5. We Application – Online
  6. Photoshop – Online
  7. Capstone Portfolio – Hyflex
Does this mean I could complete the entire program online?

Yes! Each class is held one night a week from 6pm – 9pm. For online classes, you will meet with your instructor and classmates via an online platform like Google Meet. For hyflex classes, you can choose to attend class in person or attend via the online platform.

What else do I need to know?

Students can take up to two classes at a time. The first two classes students need to take are Foundations of Graphic Design and Adobe Design I.

Looking to transfer into a degree program?

The following classes are transferable into the CFCC Advertising and Graphic Design program:

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