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Learning Lab Resources for Finals

Are you ready for finals?

The Learning Lab is Here to Help!

As students, you face more challenges than usual, and we want you to remember that we are here to help! It’s never too late to ask for assistance.

How to Get Help From Us

  • Fill out the Learning Lab Tutoring Request from the MyCFCC page
  • Select the courses that you want help with
  • Find the tutoring course associated with that course
  • Post your question in the discussion board

Learning Lab Tutoring Request

Available Hours

Tutors are available Monday to Thursday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Friday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM Downtown, and 8:00 AM to noon at the North Campus.

During available hours, tutors can answer questions on the discussion boards. Tutors also offer Google Meets to speak to you in real-time and screen share to troubleshoot or explain difficult material.

Tips for Healthy Study Habits

Cramming your studies into large sessions won’t help in the long run!

Smaller, regular study sessions are much more effective. Set aside half an hour each day to focus on each course.

Make sure to get up every half hour and move for at least five minutes! Not only will it help you focus better, but your back will also thank you.

You’re almost there! Let’s finish the semester on a great note!

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