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TEAS Test Resource

The Learning Lab provides free help to CFCC students preparing for the TEAS Test. To help students prepare, the Learning Lab offers a resource person to point out the various topics this test covers and to guide their studying. This also includes referral to subject area tutors such as Math and Science Tutors.

In sessions with our TEAS Resource Person, students can expect:

  • Guidance in preparing for the TEAS
  • Discussion of study habits
  • Strategies for testing and effective study techniques
  • General information about the exam
  • Identification of materials for study from the CFCC library and online resources
  • Additional resources such as Kahn Academy and Purple Math
  • Practice tests and discussion of answers
  • Referral to other tutors if needed to enhance specific skills

For availability and to make an appointment, please call either 910-362-7496 or 910-362-7136 .

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