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Title IX Training

Cape Fear Community College offers training and educational opportunities to all current students and employees to create a safe learning environment and workplace free from sex discrimination and/or harassment. All new students and all current employees will be offered SafeColleges primary prevention and awareness programs that may safeguard against acts of sex discrimination or harassment. These programs will be held annually at the beginning of each semester, new employment onboarding, or as needed. CFCC has partnered with SafeColleges for general Title IX and Sex Discrimination and Harassment Training. SafeColleges is a federally registered trademark of Vector Solutions, and all training material is copyrighted. For inquiries or access to training materials, please contactsupport@safecolleges.com.

CFCC’s faculty, staff, and students participate in sexual misconduct-related training that addresses numerous issues including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Types of sexual misconduct
  • Resources for victims of sexual misconduct
  • The College’s sexual misconduct policy and procedures
  • Reporting sexual misconduct
  • Bystander intervention
  • Responding to complaints
  • Avoiding retaliation
  • Maintaining a respectful work environment
CFCC employees participate in a variety of educational programs as follows:

  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention for Higher Education Faculty
  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention for Higher Education Staff
  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention for Higher Education Student Employees
  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention Supervisor Supplement for Higher Education Faculty
  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention Supervisor Supplement for Higher Education Staff
  • Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence: Title IX, VAWA, and Clery Act for Non-Residential Faculty and Staff
  • The Clery Act and Campus Security Authorities

CFCC students participate in a program titled:

  • Student Empower: Sexual Violence Prevention training.

As required by Title IX, the Title IX Coordinator and those individuals involved in resolving Title IX related complaints participate in additional extensive training. Training(s) providers include, but are not limited to, the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA):  https://atixa.org/2020-regulations-requirement-posting-of-training-materials/ . Please see the completed Title IX personnel training(s) and material below. Due to training materials being proprietary, and general concerns of copyright infringement, please direct all public requests for training materials/documentation to Robert McGee, Title IX Coordinator, at  rmcgee@cfcc.edu .

CFCC Title IX Coordinator Training and Education

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