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Top-Paid Tech Jobs You Can Land with an Associate Degree— or Less

It should come as no surprise that the demand for tech jobs is growing as the need for technology increases. In fact, a new analysis by LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team ranked 15 U.S. metro areas that have shown the greatest increase in local tech talent over the past three years. Of those top 15 cities, three of them were in North Carolina. Wilmington ranked number 11.

If you’ve been considering a career in tech, now is the time to get started! A growing reliance on technology means an expanding range of tech-based careers. If you love technology, want to earn a considerable income, and develop a satisfying career in the tech industry, here’s a look at some tech training opportunities to consider.

Computer programming, network engineering, and web development are among the highest-paying associate degrees . That’s right; you can achieve all of these lucrative jobs in two years or less of training!

How much demand?

Promising futures await those who choose to pursue these jobs. The expected job outlook for a position such as a computer support specialist is projected to grow 9% over the next decade. Network engineers are anticipated to have about 24,900 openings. And faster than the average for all occupations, the web designer boasts a growth rate of 13 percent.

Tech Job Pathways

Computer science involves designing, developing, and testing software and hardware. Occupations include computer programmer, software developer, or support specialist. These roles focus on the creation of software, updating existing software , and tech assistance with software. Entry-level positions start around $40,600 per year and experienced, mid-career workers earn upwards of $81,700 per year.


Software and application development involves the design and development of computer programs and applications. Common career pathways include software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers. The 2020 median pay for software developers sits at $110,140 per year; and employment projections exceed the average for all occupations by 22 percent.

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End users are likely fond of network engineers. These individuals with job titles such as network technician, analyst, and administrator troubleshoot and maintain daily operations. The median salary range for network engineers is $113,893 per year.

Then there’s the web developer. Web designers, programmers, and user experience and user interface designers use code such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create content, and design the look, feel, and functionality of websites. Entry-level designers can make $46,600 per year. The median salary for web designers is $77,200 per year.

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How to Get Started

The answer is simple: Cape Fear Community College.

CFCC associate degrees in Information Technology, Cyber Crime Technology, Business Information Technology, and Healthcare Business Informatics offer gateways to well-paying tech careers. Furthermore, CFCC’s short-term training programs such as Software & Web Development, AutoCad, Networking IT Academy, and Python Developer. These programs serve as accessible entry-points to rewarding tech careers and professional development opportunities.

Interested in a career in the high-paying tech industry? Look no further.

Short-Term Training and Professional Development

Associate Degree Training Programs

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