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Submitting Your Transcripts

We want to help you complete the enrollment process as quickly as possible.

Here are a few guidelines and tips designed to assist you when requesting official transcripts.

Public, Private, or Homeschool Transcripts

If you graduated from a North Carolina public or charter high school within the last three years, you can request your official high school transcript via the College Foundation of North Carolina online at cfnc.org . Your transcript will be sent electronically to CFCC at no cost.

If your transcript is not available from CFNC or you graduated from a private or out-of-state high school, please contact your high school directly regarding official transcript requests. Depending on when you graduated, sometimes academic records are stored at the county level.

Home school students are required to provide an official copy of their home school transcript and home school registration card. The transcript must be issued by the home school administrator and should be mailed or delivered in a sealed envelope to the CFCC Admissions Office.

If you are a current high school senior, you may submit your official mid-year high school transcript to be admitted. Once you graduate, you will be required to submit an official/final high school transcript with a graduation date.

High School Equivalency Transcripts

If you earned a high school equivalency in North Carolina, including the GED®, HiSET, or TASC, please visit diplomasender.com to request your official equivalency transcript. If you earned your high school equivalency outside of North Carolina, please visit GED.com regarding transcript requests.

Adult High School Transcripts

If you attended an Adult High School, please contact your Adult High School directly regarding an official transcript request. If you completed CFCC’s Adult High School program, please follow these directions .

Foreign High School Transcripts

If you attended a foreign high school, your transcript(s) must be evaluated and translated (if applicable), by a current member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (naces.org) or a current member of the Association of International Credential Evaluators ( aice-eval.org ). Completed evaluations, along with copies of the original transcript(s), should be sent directly from the evaluation agency to CFCC Admissions.  If the evaluation is sent directly to you, in order for it to be considered official, it must remain in the original sealed envelope. Once opened, it is no longer considered official.

Where to send your transcript

At this time, the Admissions Office is accepting high school transcripts virtually via email. Transcripts will be considered official if they are emailed to transcripts@cfcc.edu directly from an official school employee.

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