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Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access is a method of providing access to digital course content when instructors are using interactive courseware platforms or e-books in place of printed text. The program allows our campus to reduce student course materials costs in comparison to traditional print text, and ensures that every student has easy access to the content by the first day of class. In short, we have upgraded our course materials model to combine affordability and ease of access with 21st-century educational tools.

Two Main Goals of Inclusive Access

  • Reduce the overall cost of course materials.
  • Provide access to products which improve educational outcomes for students.
The Process Is Simple
  • When an instructor decides to include use of an interactive courseware platform in their curriculum, discount pricing is negotiated by the Inclusive Access program.
  • Access is provided automatically for every student in the roster on the first day of class.
  • Students are able to access the content prior to add/drop period with no initial payment, during which time they can opt out if they choose.
  • Students who remain in will have the access charge billed to their student account.
  • Students who drop the course are automatically opted out and are not billed.
Benefits to Students
  • 30%-50% lower than equivalent pricing for printed textbooks.
  • Deferred student billing direct to student account.
  • Course materials available day one with no waiting in line for heavy books.
  • Increased interaction with course content leading to greater success in the course

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inclusive Access?

Inclusive Access is the system used to provide the access and billing when an instructor uses digital content in their course. Access is provided electronically before the first day of class, and the discounted access cost is billed to the student’s account.

How does a student pay for inclusive access?

Financial aid students will have the charge deducted from their account, cash, check and credit card payments for inclusive access fees can be paid directly to the business office with your tuition payment or prior to class starting.

What does “Other Charges” or “E-Book Fee” on student statement mean?

This is associated with inclusive access. Digital content for course will be integrated with college’s learning system Blackboard. In most cases students will not need additional materials for the course.

How do I receive inclusive access for my course?

All students using inclusive access will receive a welcome email from no-reply@verbasoftware.com prior to classes starting. This email in some cases will have an access code that will be entered to register once the student logs into their blackboard account. In other cases the digital content and platform will be integrated into the black board without a code being needed. Please refer back to your welcome email.

I didn’t get an email about my inclusive access course, but other students in my class did. Was I sent an email?

The welcome email will come from no-reply@verbasoftware.com . Be sure to check your spam folder!

What if I decide to to “Opt Out”?

Within the welcome email from no-reply@verbasoftware.com there will be link to the student portal from that point you can select opt out. You will receive a confirmation email once this has been complete. There is a deadline to process the opt out, the date typically coincides with add/drop period. Contact the bookstore for more details.

What does it mean to opt-out?

When you opt out, access to all online content is disconnected and you are removed from the billing statements. You can contact the bookstore about special ordering the materials however they will not be a discounted inclusive access price.

What if I made a mistake and want to opt back in?

Within the same link to the student portal (check the welcome email) a student can change from opt out to opt in status. There is a deadline to process opt in, the date typically coincides with add/drop period. Contact the bookstore for more details.

Can I still purchase a physical copy of the book?

Absolutely! Students can pick up a copy of the book in the bookstore at a discounted rate (typically $30-$45). *Please note the purchase is the book only. It will NOT include the digital content that is required for class. The book option is for students who do not solely want to use their computer for assignments such as chapter reading.

I am using Federal Aid that does not allow a “course material fee.” How can I still save money and be included in such a great program?

If you have Federal Aid such as the GI Bill®, you can still utilize inclusive access! You will still pay the Business Office directly once you have elected to opt in. The “other charges” or “E-book fee” is comparable to you purchasing textbooks up front in the bookstore.

What if a student must retake an inclusive access course?

Just like tuition, inclusive access charges/fees will apply. Inclusive access is digital, therefore it cannot be reused.

I have questions that weren’t addressed. Who can I contact for further help?

If your question has not been answered in this FAQ, please email inclusiveaccess@cfcc.edu for more information.
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