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Steps to Academic Success

Our goal is to help you achieve your goal!

We ask students to “take control” of their educational plans and reach out for the support they need to be successful. Our world is interdependent, therefore we encourage CFCC students to ask for assistance when they need help to accomplish their goals each semester.

Top FIVE Tips from Students…for Students!
  1. Attend Class(es) – You’ve paid for it! Get the most from your educational dollars. Be in class. CFCC enforces an attendance policy to encourage your success.(Yes, this means online classes too!)
  2. Manage Your Time – Work? Play sports? Responsible for childcare? Time management is important for all college students.  For every hour you are in class, you should be spending 2-3 hours of review and preparation outside of class. Don’t procrastinate !
  3. Know Your Faculty – Unsure about something in the syllabus?  Not sure about an assignment?  Your instructors can help you clarify their expectations.
  4. Know Your Program of Study – All students at CFCC have a program that they are working toward. Check your “Program Evaluation” in WebAdvisor as you select your classes. (NOTE:  Health Science students should not rely on the Program Evaluation at this time.  Please refer to the intended program Information Packet and/or consult with your Advisor.)
  5. Get Involved – Use your college experience as an opportunity to network, stay fit, and become part of our greater CFCC community. Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom.
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