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Clinical Counseling Services

Understanding that crises can occur at any time and immediate action may be necessary, CFCC Counselors have resources available for students in need. Students are welcome to schedule an appointment with a Counselor to go over options.

*Faculty/Staff can also refer students to Counseling Services by using Watermark and posting an alert to Counseling.

Cape Fear Community College, in collaboration with Coastal Horizons, offers FREE mental health counseling services to current students. A CFCC counselor will assist students by conducting an initial assessment and scheduling an appointment with the clinical therapist as needed.

The therapist will help determine if the student would benefit from brief intervention sessions or if they would best be served by a long-term services referral.

If you have questions please contact your CFCC Counselor or by reaching out to Counseling at 910-362-7017 or counseling@cfcc.edu .

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