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Jane Beebe

Academic Advising Center Advisor, Title III Grant Advises students with last names that start with S and V. 910-362-7480

Jonathan Begue

Inst Construction Management Technology

Twyna Bell

Inst Human Services Technology 910-362-7322

Kimberly Bender

Marketing, Communications and Events Assistant 910-362-7893

Michelle Bengivengo

Part-Time Local Crew - Lead

Tyler Bennett

Instructor - SBS History

Bethanie Benson

Automation Coordinator, Library Resource Center 910-362-7031

Coby Benson

Chief Mate - Marine Technology

Charita Bentley

Custodian Downtown Campus

Katelyn Benton

Part-Time Local Crew - 2

Bonnie- Jeanne Berg

CE Instructor-Community Enrichment, Burgaw

Rebecca Berger

Radiography Clinical Coordinator 910-362-7097

Marie Bergh-Cook

Program Director, Early Childhood Education 910-362-7566

Janet Berta

Part-Time Local Crew - 2

Norm Berth

Local Crew - Production Services

Christian Bertram

CE Law Enforcement Instructor

John Best

CE Law Enforcement Instructor

Steve Beuth

CE Instructor - CN Master License

Barbara Biba

CE Instructor - ESL

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