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Cape Fear Community College offers comprehensive health, wellness, and retirement benefits to full-time employees.
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Who is Eligible?

Full-time employees of CFCC become eligible for benefits on the 1st of the month following hire date if hired between the 1st and 15th of the month. If hired between the 16th and last day of the month, then benefit eligibility will be 1st of the month following 30 days.

When Elections, Waivers, and Changes Can Be Made

Due to the pre-tax status of many benefits offered, employees can only make elections, waivers, and changes during special enrollment periods which include:

  • Within 30 calendar days of hire
  • Within 30 calendar days of a qualifying life event
  • During annual open enrollment
  • No exceptions can be made outside these enrollment periods

Payroll Deduction Alert: Please be aware that State Health Plan premium payments are billed in advance. Therefore, if you choose to enroll in healthcare effective the current month, you may see a double deduction on your next paycheck. All other benefits offered through Pierce Group are billed on a month-to-month basis.

Benefit Plan Options

State Health Plan
Optional Insurance through Pierce Group


Teacher’s and State Employees’ Retirement System (TSERS)
Disability Income Plan of North Carolina
Optional Supplemental Retirement

Leave Programs

Sick and Vacation Leave
Family & Medical Leave Act
Workers’ Compensation

CFCC Employee Holidays

01/01/2024 – New Year’s Day
01/15/2024 – MLK Day (College Closed)
03/29/2024 – Easter Break (College Closed)
05/27/2024 – Memorial Day (College Closed)
07/04/2024 – 4th of July (College Closed)
09/02/2024 – Labor Day (College Closed)
11/28/2024 – Thanksgiving Holiday Break (College Closed)
11/29/2024 – Thanksgiving Holiday Break (College Closed)
12/23/2024 – Winter Break 2024 (College Closed)
12/24/2024 – Winter Break 2024 (College Closed)
12/25/2024 – Winter Break 2024 (College Closed)
12/26/2024 – Winter Break 2024 (College Closed)
12/27/2024 – Winter Break 2024 (College Closed)
12/30/2024 – Winter Break 2024 (College Closed) (Staff must take vacation leave 8 hours)
12/31/2024 – Winter Break 2024 (College Closed) (Staff must take vacation leave 8 hours)

Employee Health & Wellness

Employee Orientation from McLaughin Young on Vimeo .

Wellness activities, healthy living articles/resources, nutritional counseling, available employee assistance contacts, and more are available to CFCC faculty and staff. 

To access your Employee Assistance Program and work-life services, call 800-633-3353 or visit mygroup.com — select “My Portal Login” — select “Work Life” — username: cfcc7312 and password: guest

Examples of services include legal and financial services, work-related issues, family conflict, grief and loss, relationship issues, depression and anxiety, alcohol or drug use.

Disclaimer: Human Resources makes every effort to present accurate information, but since this information is provided in summary form many details have been omitted. For full details, please review the formally published materials and websites.

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