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Nurse Aide Career and College Promise

The Career Technical Education / Workforce Continuing Education (CTE / WCEP) Nurse Aide Pathway

The CCP/CTE/WCEP Nurse Aide Pathway offers qualifying 17-year-old High School Juniors and Seniors tuition-free course hours toward an entry-level job
credential, certificate or diploma for eligible high school students.

Students are responsible for payment of the following program associated college fees:

  • Parking and Security Fee – $5.00
  • Nurses/Health Sciences Students Liability Insurance Fee – $15.00
  • Technology Fee – $5.00
  • Approximate Total: $25.00

    Total Cost For College Fees = $25.00

    • Background Check /12-Panel Drug Screen – $80 (Information will be given out at registration).
    • TB Test (Two-step)– $30 Health Department
    • Physical and Proof of Vaccination History including:(Price will vary by vendor)
    • 2 Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccinations or positive antibody titer
    • History of Chicken Pox, positive antibody titer or 2 Varicella immunizations
    • Tetanus vaccination within the last 10 years
    • Flu vaccine (Seasonal)
    • Have had either the Hepatitis B vaccination series, be in process or have signed a waiver form.
    • COVID-19 Testing Before and During the Clinical portion of the course.
    • CPR Certification – $5 if taken as part of the course – Outside of NA course price Varies By Instructor/vendor.
    • Ceil Blue Scrubs – (Price will vary by vendor)
    • Watch with a Second Hand — (Digital watches not allowed)
    • White Sneakers or Nursing Shoes– (Price will vary by vendor)
    • Nurse Aide I Textbook and Accompanying Workbook –$78.00 (CFCC Bookstore – Prices are for new books only and are subject to change). Textbook: Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care: Long-Term Care (4th Edition) Susan Alvare Hedman, Jetta Fuzy, RN, MS and Suzanne Rymer, MSTE, RN-BC, LSW.


    Registration: (Registration will be done by appointment only due to COVID19 restrictions)

    Accepted students will receive an email from Kelly Jordan, NA I Administrative Technician with their Registration appointment and instructions.


    To be accepted into a Career Technical Pathway, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Be a 17-year-old high school junior or senior;
    • Have an unweighted GPA of 2.8 or the approval of your high school principal or designee;
    • Have the recommendation of the high school principal or his/her designee and have the high school principal or his/her designee’s rationale for recommendation in place of GPA requirement
    • College Placement Testing may be required to register for classes in some pathways.
    • Potential CCP students may register online to take the CFCC College Placement Test (NC DAP) . Students should type CCP in the field that requires a CFCC ID if they do not yet have a CFCC ID number.

    See Course Schedule

    Application Process for Public High School Students

    The application and approval deadline for the spring 2022 semester is Oct. 22, 2021

    1. Complete the CFNC CTE WCEP Online Application .
    2. Read Approval Form DocuSign Instructions before proceeding to next step.
    3. Complete the Career Technical Approval Form

    4. Students MUST have their parent’s name and email address before clicking to complete the approval form.

    Traditional high school students may visit their high school career counselors for more information.

    Application Process for Home School and Private School Students

    Home school and private school students may contact Claudina McLiverty at for more information.

    Next Steps

    Once the DocuSign Nurse Aide I Pathway Approval Form is completed, students will receive an email from Kelly Jordan, Nurse Aide Program Senior Administrative Technician with registration instructions, fees, and additional course requirements.

    • Completed the CTE / WCEP Application
    • Submitted Current High School Transcript
    • Complete the CTE / WCEP Approval Form

    The following courses match the statewide course articulation agreement:
    • The Workforce Continuing Education Pathway and the High School Course for which Credit is Awarded: NUR 3240 Nurse Aide I / HN43 Nursing Fundamentals.

    Eligibility for Continued Enrollment

    To maintain eligibility for continued enrollment, a student must:

    • Continue to make progress toward high school graduation.
    • Continue to make progress toward successful completion of the Workforce Continuing Education pathway as defined by the pathway syllabus.
    • A student who doesn’t meet these criteria will be subject to the college’s policy for unsatisfactory progress.
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