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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the Health Science Enrollment Center (HSEC)?

The staff members in the Health Science Enrollment Center assist students who are interested in one or more of the 15 selective admissions health science programs, as well as open enrollment health career programs at Cape Fear Community College.

What are Selective Admissions Programs?

A select number of health science programs at CFCC require a multi-step application process that does not guarantee acceptance to all interested students. A second application following the college application, the Intent to Apply form, will need to be completed. The Intent to Apply form can be accessed from each program’s homepage. Minimum requirements must be met to continue in the selection process (which involves the use of a standardized test for most programs) during a specific application period. Instructions can be found in the information packet located on each program’s website. Students are encouraged to study these carefully in order to understand the process. When applying to competitive programs, it may be advisable to discuss career plans with our Career Counselors in order to develop possible “Parallel Academic Plans.”

How do I apply to a selective health science program?

When students apply to Cape Fear Community College, they may apply to a pre-health science major. This does not automatically enroll or guarantee entry into the selective admissions health science program of your choice (i.e. a Pre-Associate Degree Nursing major is a pre-major and is not a guarantee of acceptance into the Associate Degree Nursing program). Each program has a specific application period once a year. During this application period, students who have met the minimum requirements for their program of interest, may go online to the program website and complete their Intent to Apply. Comprehensive instructions on how to complete an Intent to Apply will be available on each program website. Once submitted online, the staff of the CFCC Health Science Enrollment Center will review the student’s Intent to Apply. If the Intent is approved, i.e. all eligibility requirements are met, the student will receive an email with the “Next Steps” in their CFCC email account. Students who file an Intent to Apply and do not meet the minimum requirements will receive an email addressing the missing items. Once eligible, they may re-file their Intent. Applicants must file the Intent to Apply prior to the last day of the application period.

What are my options if I am not eligible to file an Intent or don’t get accepted?

Some of the health science programs at CFCC are very popular but have limited seating. Therefore, each year students have to face the difficult decision of using alternatives to their preferred majors and utilize other strategies to succeed towards their educational and career goals. CFCC staff members have created a resource website to help students explore a multitude of options. Please visit and turn to staff and faculty at CFCC to assist you.

Do I need a reservation for the information session?

No. A reservation or appointment is not required to attend an information session. All information sessions are virtual for most programs and open to everyone. The information session links are posted on each program’s website. With the exception of Veterinary Medical Technology attendance in order to apply is not mandatory.

When will I take my PSB exam?

After a successful Intent to Apply has been submitted and approved by the staff at the Health Science Enrollment Center during the application period, students will be eligible to schedule the PSB exam. Students will receive a “Next Steps” email to their CFCC email account explaining how to schedule a seat for the PSB exam. For programs starting each fall, students will be able to take the PSB exam ONCE during the application period (Registered Nursing, Practical Nursing, Health Occupations). For the Health Occupations PSB, students may only test once but can reform for different programs (i.e. have score results recalculated).

How do I prepare/study for the PSB? Do you have any study resources?

To prepare for the PSB, a study guide for the PSB Exam can be accessed at . It is recommended that students purchase a PSB study guide. These are available for purchase online and in most book stores. The website for the PSB company is .

How will my PSB exam be scored?

The highest overall score of the two most recent exams (within the last 5 years) will be used on the point count. Note: some programs require minimum cut-off scores. Also, exams will not be super-scored (i.e. using the highest subcategories of each of the two tests).

What is a “PSB cut-off score”?

Each program has identified a minimum score requirement by the section that needs to be achieved in order to become a qualified applicant. Students who do not meet these minimum test score requirements will not be able to move forward in the selection process and will be notified via CFCC e-mail. Please refer to the program information packet for details on program cut-off scores as these vary.

What is the difference between the minimum requirements, general education courses and the point count sheet?

  • The minimum requirements are the requirements that must be met prior to filing an Intent to Apply. They are program-specific; for more information, please refer to the program information packet.
  • General education courses are courses that need to be completed prior to graduation from the actual health science program but do not need to be completed prior to filing an Intent to Apply. However, points are awarded to students who have completed the courses prior to filing an Intent to Apply with a letter grade of “C” or higher.
  • The point count sheets are completed by the Health Science Enrollment Center staff for all eligible students who have met the programs’ PSB cut-off scores. Grand totals are calculated and the point count sheet is used as the semi-final and final decisions in the ranking of students for admission into the program.

How do I check the status of my Intent to Apply?

To check the status of your Intent to Apply, you will log into Softdocs Etrieve Central . Under the Activity section, you will click on your Intent to Apply from the list, then click History. It will outline where you are in the process (i.e. received, approved, returned, declined). If further questions, please contact the staff members of the Health Science Enrollment Center.

When should I file my Intent to Apply?

Students are encouraged to file an Intent to Apply during the application period as soon as they feel prepared to do so and when application requirements have been met. We strongly encourage interested students not to wait until the last day of the application period. Due to testing limitations, PSB test seat availability may be limited. Please refer to each program’s information packet on the program’s website for in-depth details regarding PSB exams. All PSB testing must be completed by the testing deadlines outlined in the information packet, regardless of when an Intent to Apply has been filed. Filing an Intent early is beneficial as it allows for proper planning and eliminates “last-minute decision making.”

How often are students accepted to the selective admission programs?

Students are accepted to the health science programs once per year. The Nursing Transition program (only for Practical Nurses) accepts students for each spring semester; all other programs accept students for each fall semester.

Can students apply to more than one program?

Yes. Students are encouraged to thoroughly research each program they plan to apply to. We encourage you to talk to people in occupations you’re considering. You can also review job information at . Please visit a href=”/admissions/health-sciences-admissions/explore-healthcare-programs/” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”> to explore health science career options and strategies.

How do I apply to a health science program in Economic and Workforce Development (formerly known as Continuing Education)?

Economic and Workforce Development at CFCC offers a wide range of programs to choose from and these are “Open Enrollment”. You only need to contact the Director or Coordinator of each individual program, collect all of the information to have a successful start, and sign up for classes on their web portal (or following their individual set of instructions). Please visit the EWD Health Career Programs at . The staff of the Health Science Enrollment Center can also assist you should you have any questions.

Can students get financial assistance for Economic and Workforce Development courses?

Scholarships and awards are available for courses offered by Economic and Workforce Development but traditional financial aid, including the Pell Grant, is not. Staff members of the Economic and Workforce Development department can connect students with scholarships and award opportunities.

Can I take Economic and Workforce Development classes at the same time I take my degree classes?

Yes. Economic and Workforce Development has career path options for healthcare that can be a good parallel plan for those interested in the selective admissions process. Some include Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy, EMT Level 1, Medical Billing and Coding, Certified Healthcare Access Associate, and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

How long are the Economic and Workforce Development Healthcare programs?

Programs range in length from one semester to a year. Classes are offered day, evening, and online.
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