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How to Change Your Major

It’s normal for a college student to discover they need to change their academic plan.

Take time to consider your skills, strengths, abilities, values, and interests.  Examine your prior work experience.  What did you enjoy?  What didn’t you like?  Taking time to do this often prevents students from changing their program more than once.

You can change an academic plan, but first, consider the following:

  • Your financial aid may be impacted by a change in your academic program
  • You may need to take additional courses, thus it may take longer to complete your credential
  • By changing your program, you could delay entry into the workforce
How to Change Your Major
  1. Schedule an appointment with an Advisor in the Academic Advising Center. You may also walk into the Advising Center for assistance.
  2. Complete a “Program Change Form” with the advisor.

(Note: If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from meeting with an advisor, submit your request to advising@cfcc.edu . All online requests must be sent from your CFCC email account and must include your full name, student ID#, current program of study, new program of study, and any additional information related to your request. It is helpful to include your current telephone number so an advisor can contact you by phone, if needed.)

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