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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is counseling and what are the goals?

Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals. Counselors work with clients on strategies to navigate obstacles and personal challenges that they are facing.

Counseling is typically short term, and solution focused.

At CFCC, the counseling staff is prepared to meet with and support any current CFCC student.

What is our purpose?

CFCC counselors provide immediate, short-term support and resources to our campus community. We also promote wellness and seek to reduce the stigma of mental health challenges through tabling outreach, support groups, events, and speaking engagements. By supporting college students in the moment, we strive to increase resiliency and improve persistence towards program completion and graduation.

What is the difference between Academic Advisors and Counselors?

Academic Advisors are professionals who assist with academic information and help students develop an educational plan and course of study or change a major.

Counselors are specifically trained in counseling to help students with personal and academic skills. Counselors can help students develop better habits, manage stress, respond to crises, set goals, and become more resilient. Counselors assist individuals with personal concerns that may affect their academics so they can effectively move forward in their educational journey at CFCC.

All CFCC counselors have a minimum of a Master’s degree with a major in counseling or a closely related field as well as prior experience providing personal support to students in higher education.

How do I get to the counseling center?

Our locations:
The Wilmington Campus counseling center is located in the Union Station building, suite 123.

The North Campus counseling office (NA-100E) is in the Student Services suite in the McKeithan Center, NA-100.

What do I do when I arrive?

  • Sign in with the receptionist at the front desk. It is helpful to have your student ID number, but not mandatory
  • Once signed in, you may sit in the waiting area and a counselor will bring you back as quickly as possible

Walk-ins are welcome and will be seen on a first come, first served basis. Students can also schedule an appointment with their counselor.

Which counselor should I work with?

In order to make sure we reach each and every student, you are assigned a counselor based on the first letter of your last name. However, you are welcome to meet with any counselor you choose. You may select another counselor based on availability, location, or any other number of reasons. We will be happy to see you regardless!

What if I need more in-depth mental health services?

Your CFCC Counselor can assist you in locating appropriate resources within the community that work with your insurance, on a sliding scale, or are free of charge. Upon making an appointment with a CFCC counselor , the counselor can assess your need for additional services provided through our partnership with Coastal Horizons.

A licensed clinical therapist from Coastal Horizons is located on the downtown Wilmington Campus twice a week. Registered students are eligible for six free appointments throughout their time at CFCC.

Additional Resources

Counselors can provide referrals to campus and community resources to aid in student success.
Counselors also assist students experiencing a financial struggle by referring them to on and/or off-campus resources that may be able to help. Counselors have knowledge of local organizations that can assist with housing, medical care, food insecurity, and other assistance.

Normal Operating Hours

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Summer hours may vary.

Confidentiality: Services provided by CFCC Counseling Staff are confidential in keeping with ethical standards unless a student indicates they are at risk of harming themselves or others, or upon court order.

Contact Your CFCC Counselor

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