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Information for Faculty and Staff

What is the role of the Counseling Center?
  • The primary mission of the Counseling Center is to provide programs and outreach services to promote student engagement and assist in the emotional, psychological, and intellectual development of students with diverse backgrounds.
  • Counseling Center staff is available to provide presentations for clubs and classes on a variety of mental health and wellness topics upon request. We can tailor the content to address specific needs or scenarios.
  • The Counseling Center offers mental health counseling services to assist students with social, personal, and academic growth during their course of study at CFCC. All counseling services are provided free of charge. Counselors adhere to professional ethics and FERPA in maintaining confidentiality. No record of counseling services is annotated on academic transcripts or other documentation.
  • Counselors are not available to assist current employees of CFCC. All full-time CFCC employees and household family members can utilize the Employee Assistance Program and work-life services 24/7, 365 days a year. Services can be accessed by calling 800-633-3353 or visiting MYgroup.com and selecting “My Portal Login” – select “Work-Life” – username: cfcc7312 and password: guest
  • Counselors do not provide care for medical emergencies. In these situations, you should call 911 immediately. Counselors can provide emotional support.
When and how do I refer a student to counseling?
  • You might refer a student because of the way the student’s problems are interfering with their academic work or with your teaching, or because observation of the student’s personal behavior raises concerns apart from their academic work.
  • You can refer a student to counseling through an AVISO/Watermark system alert. “Referral for Counseling” alerts are only viewable by the counseling center staff, but please use discretion when posting. You can also reach out by phone, email, or by bringing the student to the Counseling Center on the Downtown or North Campus during regular office hours.

Contact A CFCC Counselor

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